Amateur Asian Photo

Mai Amateur Asian Photo Shoot

Age: 24 Location: Thailand

Mai was found down south when we use to do our visa runs down that way.  We found a bunch of ladies and did amateur Asian photo shoots when ever we went down.  We would add a day or two to the trip just to do shoots.  Now though there is some problems with the local Muslims and just too dangerous.  What a shame too cause the southern part of Thailand is beautiful and they can for sure use the tourist dollars.  And so many cute ladies just want to hook up with a farang.

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Tall Amateur Asian Babe

Tall Amateur Asian Babe

Very Tall Amateur Asian Babe with Legs for Days

Age: 22 Location: Thailand

Weao is 5’10″ which is extremely tall for an Asian lady.  But with all that height comes some really good things, like amazing legs for days.  She had the longest most beautiful legs I’ve ever seen on an Asian babe.  Add that to a perfect ass and great pair of tits this is one fine lady to spend the night with if she will have you.

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Tall Amateur Asian Babe

Big Amateur Asian Ass

Big Sweet Amateur Asian Ass

Age: 21 Location: Cambodia

Hain was an amazing lady that we hooked up with and her body was slamming.  She was a little bigger then most of the ladies that we had but not in a bad way.  She had an ass to die for and she was totally into anal.  She said that an old boyfriend of hers had taught her how to do anal and that she loved it.  She said that we could do anything we wanted to do to her asshole and it would make her cum.  She fucked that ass hard and long and she loved every minute of it and so did we.

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Sexy Amateur Thai Goong

Sexy Thai Goong

Age: 25 Location: Thailand

Goong was found in a massage parlor and was looking at making a few extra bucks.  I like the girls from there they’re not as use looking as the girls from the beerbars.  Goong was a sweetheart and was really enjoyable to shoot and be around.  She has a light complexion which I like in my Asian women.  She also had a nice little round ass and a tight wet pussy which is always good.

Sexy and Skinny Roxane

Skinny Asian Roxane

Age: 26  Location: Philippines

Very sexy and skinny Roxane hooked up with us at a bar and was too easy to take home.  She was more then willing to shoot for a hard core video and nude photos.  We had a blast with her and we played and fucked all night.  I entered every hole she had and she really is into hard rough sex.  Tiny tits small thin skinny body round ass and a tight wet pussy is all I’m looking for in any bar slut and Roxane had it all.

Jenny a Very Skinny Amateur Asian

Jenny is a very thin and skinny little amateur Asian that loves sex.  She has a cute little face with tiny little tits that are meant to be sucked and licked.  She has a nice little ass and she enjoys having her asshole played with before having hardcore anal.  Yep she enjoys anal very much and has no problem taking the biggest of cocks up her ass.

As good as it gets, sexy Ms Ah

Ah A Slut Asian Ah A Slut Asian Ah A Slut Asian

This is one sexy and slutty Asian, she was so cute I had a hard time shooting her, all I wanted to do was put down the camera and just enjoy this slut cutie. But I managed to get through it and ended up with one of the best sets on the site so far. She was amazing, cute but not shy at all, hardcore porn slut she turned out to be and yes this was her 1st shoot and yes she was a true amateur. She really is the kind of girl that you want, cute and sexy putting around but a hardcore slut Asian in the bedroom. And she will throat, and likes it, she will do anal, and likes it, which makes me love this slut.

Ning Asian slut from the North

Ning is a cute Asian amateur that we shot twice, this was her second set.  She is what the slut ladies from the North of Thai look like, I really like the northern ladies a fair bit more then the ladies from the south.  Asians like them because they are fairer in complexion but that doesn’t matter to me, for me they just seem to be nicer and more laid back then their southern counterparts.  And I like said before we did shoot this girl twice, we did so cause she was amazing, I mean look at that ass.  Touching her ass was like touching pure silk she was so soft, amazing little Asian slut this one.

Mia, Asian slut who is hard on the outside soft in the middle

Little Ms Mia here came in all hard when she walked into the room for the 1st time she even had a little amateur prison slut tat on her back.  But once you open her up she is all wet and soft on the inside.  I was ready to tell Mia to bail after awhile cause she was acting like a ghetto bitch for some reason, but she chilled out and hanged out for awhile and she turned out to be a pretty cool little Asian cutie.  The nice thing about this slut is that her being hard and shit she seemed to have no boundaries, she would do about anything, you want to throat me till I gag, ok, anal no problem, even think she liked in that ass the best.  So she came in all and bitchy but she left all wet, soft and full of cum.  Don’t let these little sluts fool ya, the ones that act the hardest can be some of nicest little Asian bitches in the world, once you get a cock in em they’re sweet as suger.